Fall Sigh

Autumns kiss, clear and cold, her complexion pale like snow… She whispers to us, listen… she speaks beyond her own needs. Her magic makes sense, although it’s random and unpredictable. Her colors are red, yellow, smoky black, ochre & umber, the richest of gold. She plays favorites with the days picking one out of the many… To warm us, then chill us to the bone… singling certain hours in those of hundreds and thousands of the fall months as she plays pranks with the weather and enjoys them… She adores children’s laughter and bringing lovers to nuzzling closer together. She adorns us in woolen cloth mittens scarves and sweaters. She beckons us to sip hot tea, to enjoy bites of dark chocolate…. Gather together in warm kitchens over home cooked meals. She draws people together because of the stories they carry inside a library of books of things in common things known pondered and felt… She favors to tell what a person is truly made out of. Fall, is an enchanting time…… She lets us know we are still alive.



So proximal, yet so distal…

We are in the calends of August… 
the nones and ides of this month and the entirety of summer have passed with so much brilliance… 

it’s been my undoing in all things good.

Time has gone way too fast for some things, 
yet not fast enough for others…

Even so: 

It’s all been dusted with magic.
Every last bit of it.

Not that anyone needs be reminded of what time of year it is… 
I just called it out because it resonates with me… 
this time of season, and specifically the present, 
as this is history in the making.
all of it… it’s

A dawn of a new era.

Things are:
So close, yet so far away.

I’m soaking it all in, tasting every little bit of its orchid ambrosia and rawness like honeycomb from an enchanted elm tree.

Needless to say, it’s been a ride this last year and a half, nothing I would change:

Although things have changed, it’s an organic process, LIFE, 
goals change, we change, directions are altered, 
tailwinds whip us around… 
and fires refine us a bit more… 
day by day.

As for change: My Thirteen Zephyrs have done so.
As for direction: My journey’s been an unforgettable adventure.
As for experiences, people, and places refining me: All I can say is I absolutely adore and appreciate every single soul that’s filtered into my life,

yes, some have gone, others are here still: 
hopefully those who walk with me today will remain until I’m six feet under. 

And I pray I will see the others on good terms
in good spirits, in time.

There are Days I won’t forget: along with the letting go
Because I feel it all
Thus began A peace Journey
after all those years of being in an Iron Cage


My little birds are growing… they’ve been unfurling in character and enfolded in an abundance of love, whether it be in my own home or nests around this town filled with those who cater to their needs and foster in them all things good: I’m so grateful for my support system: be that their father, their grandparents, uncles, or friends~ ones time tested or true blue and burgeoning. And this nest we will only increase, 
and these gardens we will only cultivate with tender care.


And then, 

my seven or so month massage program is nearing its end, 
come November I’ll have my diploma in hand, and have had passed my National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. If all goes as planned, X-Fingers Please! Holy hellfire and damnation: this has been a strengthening and substantiate experience indeed. I shall share more when the time is near.


Paramount enough, as it has been threading through my being like vintage lace, it has been soaking into my bones and blood every moment like rich vanilla. I’m head over heels in love, for someone who’s been written in my story before I found my place on this Earth… I can say this with confidence, as I know life is all just been preparation before him

It simply just is… what it is.
Just as always, and forever will be:
Our story is being written.
It’s never ending.
Some of it, 
one just might find, 
will be dusting the edges and corners here.

{see you in the wind…}



Beautiful tempo and sad… 
a touching video, tell me you didn’t cry.

I love how he politely takes off with what he needs “most” at the moment.
{I suppose when we fall, we fall hard}