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Keep your power

“Be like a warrior~go in, do your work, move on.” ~Judith Orloff, MD.

During my hours both spent in clinic  and classes at school for Therapeutic Massage, it became very apparent to me how necessary and useful the act of grounding myself and centering my energy was…

There were times I just felt utterly drained after our clinic days… times when I felt emotions I knew were not my own. I knew it wasn’t anything I was manifesting or anything that was a result of the load of accelerated learning I was taking on, but rather, I now know it had to do with those I was in contact with during classes, clinic, and even later at the Ale house where I worked.

I was taking on others energy, be that negative or positive, I didn’t have a filter or recognition for it yet… simply, I was just open to receiving the magnitude of it all.  I was a magnet to whatever came my way, and I was not enclosing what ever energy that I myself was creating and needed to contain… to stop from projecting on my own.

So, there was an magnified, palpable, transfer going on which had been unlocked and uncontrolled. I was becoming in-tuned to it, and it was really messing with my chi, because I didn’t comprehend it.

*For instance, you understand the feeling of sympathy, or even better yet empathy: I was feeling & taking on others emotions in a very intense way: I was feeling indignation, sadness, elation, the entire spectrum of light and heavy emotion at times, for no apparent reason to me: I felt withdrawn and a need to defend myself too! What I found out later, when talking to my instructors, was that… this was me wanting my power back from someone who’s taken it.

I became hyper~sensitive to this vital force that I was honing with the education and application of massage. In~part, I was fortunate to be around spiritually elevated instructors who were very self~aware and balanced who could help me with all of this. I needed to learn how to utilize and sharpen my intent and center so it could best guard ground and protect myself with others I was around throughout the day. And also, so I could direct or divert it to help serve those who I was doing bodywork on

For me Grounding and Centering is a daily form of prayer and meditation… In order to focus and culminate my own energy, so I get the things done that need be done, so I may rise up to the events I’m called to participate in through out the day, so that I may be able to protect myself and build a spiritual shield so others couldn’t take my energy and personal power, and also that I will not negatively effect others if I’m not in check myself.

I use essential oils with my massage and talisman crafting to assist, I also pray in order to achieve a state of Grounding and Centering: for me now, I can feel it hit me like a powerful wave of energyIt should alter, culminate, balance.

This energy when understood, respected, & appreciated: can be held, or directed. When it has intent it has a powerful potential for manifesting tangible outcomes and fostering healing.

This article here will describe best what I am talking about: it’s difficult to divide the esoteric and material at times. Either way, I know that each one of us, no matter our professions or walks in life, can benefit from the meditation and decisive act of Practice Grounding & Centering 

I crafted this Elemental Talisman for those who desire to have a tangible trinket as a reminder to keep their power. I used a Peruvian Opal stone, and the elements of Sterling Silver and Copper {being a healing element for the Heart, Body, blood, & Spirit…} where it will hang over your sternum: warm with your energy, glowing with your aura and essential oil if you choose to bless some on it, and heavy enough to remember your daily affirmation.

Hold on to what is yours to keep, give only what you are meant to give.