I resolve today and forever on

…to be Ethereal…

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…means you are extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too enchantingly perfect for this world. So entirely light, that the burdens, barriers, and thorny briers of living in this world cannot touch you.

…because as of last night I decided once and for all that I am, I was tired of being weary. Tired of chasing time. Through with trying to forge out moments I just don’t have, in order to keep aloft all the plates I’ve got spinning. Done with letting the reality that there’s too little time in the day and too little money in the bank, yet so much that needs  to be done, paid for, and so much still that needs attending to. After all, a person can only get done in a day what can be accomplished without splitting themselves into two.

At times I feel that I’m just getting by on a wing and a prayer… although, I’m at peace with the reality that I have to work hard to earn my daily bread, I still desire that we can get to a place where we are thriving, not just surviving… while barely just making due, rolling with the punches, or catching obligations and the demands of life just in the nick of time, more often then not by the skin of our teeth. I’ve always been resourceful when the well is dry and there is no water in sight, I find water some way, travel the distances I have to: Yet I wont be letting the worries and woes of making ones ends meet cause me heartache and lost sleep at the end of the day, no more allowing the shadows of fear and worry and doubt elude me from rest and cheat me of the delights of people and moments in my day.


I’m truly not one to complain, yet I am one to address that which needs a solution. Therefore, as of today, changes are being made… energy is being put forth where it will serve, delegation is being directed, and for heavens sakes, I’ve a plate or two that I’m going to let crash to the ground, or rather, that I need to lay down delicately. I decided to focus on attracting light into my life, I’m shutting down the shadows of everyday life that threaten to weigh me down. I’m allowing myself to work hard for the dreams I want to manifest in my life: and why not, I’ve got spirit, I’ve got bands of light to lift me. I’ve got all I need at my fingertips to serve this purpose.

Notes and such

…the probable outcome to this broken record: is to throw it out and play a new song. There’s going to be some wonder going on about these parts. I feel a spring in each action I take in the ‘light’ direction.

That’s my zeal, and this is my Talisman… to be Ethereal, charms found at my shop until they’ve all been claimed. 

See you in the wind. ~M.



Grounding and Centering…

Have you ever heard of someone being referred to as “down to Earth” or “grounded”? Some people seem to have a stability or peace to them that keeps them from getting out of control, or carried away.

There are a variety of ways to reach that state, and this is one of them. Grounding and centering is a visualization and meditation exercise you can use to focus yourself on the present and learn to feel more whole, more aware.

Try it whenever you are stressed, worried, or nervous. The image of a tree evokes feelings of stability and connectedness for many people. This may take some practice, but with diligence you may find that this exercise helps you live in the moment.

I personally like to Ground and Center with prayer… much like thisYet if that doesn’t work for you try this:

Sit in a chair with your feet on the ground to begin. Choose a quiet place without disturbances. As you practice this exercise, you can perform it anywhere.

Notice your breathing. Clench your stomach, tighten your muscles and breathe up high in your chest. How does that make you feel? People often say, “anxious,” “tense,” “panicky.” Chest breathing is not deep breathing, and it is often an unconscious reaction to stress or trouble.

Relax your stomach and let your breath down into your belly. Imagine it flowing down into your toes as your belly expands. Do you start to feel different? Some people find this sort of deep breathing unnatural. To learn it, put your hand on your belly, breathe so that your belly pushes your hand out. Practice regularly, so that it becomes easy and natural.

Close your eyes. Imagine your breath pushing down through the base of your spine, through your feet, like a tree pushing down its roots. Imagine those roots pushing down through the floor and into the soil below. Imagine they can feel something of the quality of the earth, what grows there, and how healthy it is. Push down through the waters under the soil, down through the bedrock, and down into the center. If there’s still any tension or fear, let that go through your “roots”. For some people, imagining that there is a fire at the center of the Earth and throwing negative feelings into the fire helps to make those feelings dissipate.

Imagine you can draw some of that fire up. Feel it as the earth’s living creative energy, and bring it up through the rock and the water and the soil. Bring it into your legs and feet, like a tree’s roots would draw up water and nutrients.

Bring it up your spine and imagine your spine growing like a tree trunk, reaching up to the sky. Bring some fire into your heart, into any place inside you that needs healing or extra energy. As you imagine the growth and energy flowing into you, raise and open your posture and re-focus on your breath.

Direct the energy up through your arms and out of your hands, up through your neck and throat and out the top of your head. Visualize branches of energy that reach up to the sky, and let them spread around you and reach back down to touch the earth, creating a protective filter around you. Take a moment, look at that energy web, and notice if there are any places that need to be repaired or strengthened. Send energy in that direction.

Imagine the energy of the sun, shining down on your leaves and branches.Breathe deep; draw that energy in. Breathe it down through your leaves and branches, down through your heart and your belly and your hands. Take it in, feed on it like a tree feeds on sunlight.

Open your eyes. Look around you. How do you feel? Relaxed? Revitalized? More attentive?

Imagine your feet have sticky roots. Let them sink into the earth and then release when you start to move. Walk around a little. Feel connected with the ground. Feel the imaginary roots grip and release.

Stretch your arms out to your sides as you move, as far as they’ll go, until you can’t see your hands if you look straight ahead. Now wiggle your thumbs, and slowly bring your arms in until your thumbs are just visible on the edge of your peripheral vision. Notice how wide your field of vision can be. As you walk,breathing deep, grounded, activate that peripheral vision. Know that you can be aware of what’s going on around you.

Come back to stillness. As you breathe, feel where it is in your body this grounded place seems to live, and touch that place. Can you find an image for this grounded state? A word or phrase you can say? When you use these three together—touch, image, and phrase—you create an anchor to help you ground quickly in any situation.

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Keep your power

“Be like a warrior~go in, do your work, move on.” ~Judith Orloff, MD.

During my hours both spent in clinic  and classes at school for Therapeutic Massage, it became very apparent to me how necessary and useful the act of grounding myself and centering my energy was…

There were times I just felt utterly drained after our clinic days… times when I felt emotions I knew were not my own. I knew it wasn’t anything I was manifesting or anything that was a result of the load of accelerated learning I was taking on, but rather, I now know it had to do with those I was in contact with during classes, clinic, and even later at the Ale house where I worked.

I was taking on others energy, be that negative or positive, I didn’t have a filter or recognition for it yet… simply, I was just open to receiving the magnitude of it all.  I was a magnet to whatever came my way, and I was not enclosing what ever energy that I myself was creating and needed to contain… to stop from projecting on my own.

So, there was an magnified, palpable, transfer going on which had been unlocked and uncontrolled. I was becoming in-tuned to it, and it was really messing with my chi, because I didn’t comprehend it.

*For instance, you understand the feeling of sympathy, or even better yet empathy: I was feeling & taking on others emotions in a very intense way: I was feeling indignation, sadness, elation, the entire spectrum of light and heavy emotion at times, for no apparent reason to me: I felt withdrawn and a need to defend myself too! What I found out later, when talking to my instructors, was that… this was me wanting my power back from someone who’s taken it.

I became hyper~sensitive to this vital force that I was honing with the education and application of massage. In~part, I was fortunate to be around spiritually elevated instructors who were very self~aware and balanced who could help me with all of this. I needed to learn how to utilize and sharpen my intent and center so it could best guard ground and protect myself with others I was around throughout the day. And also, so I could direct or divert it to help serve those who I was doing bodywork on

For me Grounding and Centering is a daily form of prayer and meditation… In order to focus and culminate my own energy, so I get the things done that need be done, so I may rise up to the events I’m called to participate in through out the day, so that I may be able to protect myself and build a spiritual shield so others couldn’t take my energy and personal power, and also that I will not negatively effect others if I’m not in check myself.

I use essential oils with my massage and talisman crafting to assist, I also pray in order to achieve a state of Grounding and Centering: for me now, I can feel it hit me like a powerful wave of energyIt should alter, culminate, balance.

This energy when understood, respected, & appreciated: can be held, or directed. When it has intent it has a powerful potential for manifesting tangible outcomes and fostering healing.

This article here will describe best what I am talking about: it’s difficult to divide the esoteric and material at times. Either way, I know that each one of us, no matter our professions or walks in life, can benefit from the meditation and decisive act of Practice Grounding & Centering 

I crafted this Elemental Talisman for those who desire to have a tangible trinket as a reminder to keep their power. I used a Peruvian Opal stone, and the elements of Sterling Silver and Copper {being a healing element for the Heart, Body, blood, & Spirit…} where it will hang over your sternum: warm with your energy, glowing with your aura and essential oil if you choose to bless some on it, and heavy enough to remember your daily affirmation.

Hold on to what is yours to keep, give only what you are meant to give.



Set sail to self

Is self-love, self~improvement, focus~on~self a vanity or is it a responsibility we need to uphold?

‘Proverbs 4:23 :: ‘Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.’Mark 12:31 :: ‘The second is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.’ Mark 12:30 :: ‘And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ Ephesians 5:29 :: ‘For no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ does the church’

Self Love

Maybe I just look at self care, self preservation, and personal growth in ones life with all it’s little synchronicities a bit different then others.

I’ve always liked that when things have been damaged, many-times they can be fixed with focused energy and caring intent. It’s a rare thing when one sees value or is moved with grace and compassion when something is broken, or is breaking down, be it by time, circumstances, carelessness or a culmination of the three. It’s a admiral thing to witness or experience when one has a willingness to invest the necessities of the intangibles {time, thought, love} to its repair instead of throwing it out or casting it away because of its visible struggles and momentary flaws.

Under these circumstances: when things are not in balance and the breaking down and deterioration has caused unwarranted issues, unintended disruption, and blocked goals in ones life, I like to visualize a form of healing likened to aggrandizement with pure gold… A meditation on solution… forged with a better attitude, outlook, and willingness to improve oneself or situation, that accompanies pain for the efficacy of learning.

This concept always impressed upon me: When the Japanese mend broken objects, they aggrandize the damage by filling the cracks with gold. They believe that when something’s suffered damage and has a history it becomes more beautiful.

I like to  view myself and others in this light…
No one to me is forever damaged if they don’t want to be: we all break down and fall hard, it’s the getting up, dusting yourself off, and learning to shine in the midst of adversity. Due to the strengthening the pain of breaking and hitting bottom has brought us… it’s the getting up and moving forward that matters the most in the end. Like many of who strive to live this way, I’ve never desired to be a victim, be that of my own actions or due to circumstances. In fact, one is terribly mistaken if they assume I take on that banner + badge, addressing the situation and clarifying the situation is not claiming the title of ‘victim’ rather, it’s quite courageous to address it head on, then one can seek insight education and tackle the beast head on.

Because on the other side of the spectrum: along with the breakdown, ultimately comes awareness, the hindsight of the experience… where I can see what culminated and caused the damage, and then I can sort out what needs to be removed from my life, and seek out what needs to be included in my life. I’ve learned long ago, to surround myself with like minded. I wont remain long where I find the environment stifling or people oppressive.

If you are sewn of the same thread, you understand this, you realize that its useless to misuse your talents and time where others refuse to see your abilities for what they are, or you for what who you are. I think we are given permission to let our flags fly, say goodbye, and set sail for self… as a way to represent to others they hold no power over us, not ties that bind, no tethers. It’s a form of respect to ourselves: as we appreciate who we are while we meet the world where we are.

No one should have to apologize for the conditions of their bodies, minds, and spirit as they are fighting through their own obstacles, navigating their own oceans, especially when they are earnestly trying to process through what life is throwing at them as an opportunity to become stronger individuals. It’s a form of sanctification, living. I just wish that when each of us are trying to stay afloat, and are grasping for air just to survive, while we get through the torrents and storms of being on the verge of breaking or find we are broken… That they, we, are met with unconditional grace by others. Each one of us is fighting our own great battle, who are we to judge another, be kind.

Allow Yourself to grow of gold, and let go …and finally, when you know which direction you are meant to go, set sail, navigating this lovely life with light, learn and listen.

Dawn breaks on the cool waves
See the bright face of a new day

And the darkness fades
And the darkness fades
And the darkness fades away
And we

Sail set sail
Sail set sail

Salt taste and the dolphins play games
And the sea birds race
As the old flag is raised

And the darkness fades
And the darkness fades
And the darkness fades
And the darkness fades away
And we

Sail set sail
Sail set sail

And the weight of the world is lost
And the blues in the blue we cross
Everything gone is gone

Good man with the capable hands
Sails for new lands
And he understands

That you can’t go back
No, no you can’t go back
No you can’t look back
No, you can’t look back
When you

Sail set sail
Sail set sail

Now, go and have a willowy~wonderful day while you whistle and work, you beautiful birds you darling blokes. I’ve got work to do myself.

On self~love