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Petrichor + champagne rain

I favor this type of weather, truly I do. I'd pick it over a sunny~up~day most anytime. I'd invite it to rain at least once a week in our land if it were opportune. There's something healthy about the washing and cleansing of the rainfall... something about the cloudbursts of fresh cool sprinkling sprinkles that brings… Continue reading Petrichor + champagne rain

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Collections + Specimens + Natural Science

Look for the gift in everything, especially when you are facing what appears to be a negative situation. Everything that we attract causes us to grow, which means that ultimately everything is for our own good. Adjusting to a new path and a new direction will require new qualities and strengths, and these qualities are… Continue reading Collections + Specimens + Natural Science



She is a member of a community of people who move from one place to another,  rather than settling permanently in one location. Often this journey's within her heart. Sometimes it a tangible step by step... Either way, she feels like a Nomad until she can find a home to hang her heart. Today I finished up… Continue reading Nomad