She is a member of a community of people who move from one place to another, 
rather than settling permanently in one location.
Often this journey’s within her heart.
Sometimes it a tangible step by step…
Either way, she feels like a Nomad until she can find a home to hang her heart.
Today I finished up some work.
I made a wonderful mess, then I cleaned it up. 
I soldered, strung, and wrapped together some loose ends.
{In life and in creating}
Today I found harmony in getting lost in a bit of metal…
Today I felt I needed some more sunshine + fresh forest scented air. So i infused some of that into these talismans along with that brilliant light that every so often filtered through ponderosa and birch and skittered reflectively off the ponds waters. I needed to capture and create something that brought to mind this place in which infuses my spirit so with goodness.

Something that made me remember how good it feels to be barefooted and carefree up here in the hills where I feel centered, grounded, and alive.