I resolve today and forever on

…to be Ethereal…

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…means you are extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too enchantingly perfect for this world. So entirely light, that the burdens, barriers, and thorny briers of living in this world cannot touch you.

…because as of last night I decided once and for all that I am, I was tired of being weary. Tired of chasing time. Through with trying to forge out moments I just don’t have, in order to keep aloft all the plates I’ve got spinning. Done with letting the reality that there’s too little time in the day and too little money in the bank, yet so much that needs  to be done, paid for, and so much still that needs attending to. After all, a person can only get done in a day what can be accomplished without splitting themselves into two.

At times I feel that I’m just getting by on a wing and a prayer… although, I’m at peace with the reality that I have to work hard to earn my daily bread, I still desire that we can get to a place where we are thriving, not just surviving… while barely just making due, rolling with the punches, or catching obligations and the demands of life just in the nick of time, more often then not by the skin of our teeth. I’ve always been resourceful when the well is dry and there is no water in sight, I find water some way, travel the distances I have to: Yet I wont be letting the worries and woes of making ones ends meet cause me heartache and lost sleep at the end of the day, no more allowing the shadows of fear and worry and doubt elude me from rest and cheat me of the delights of people and moments in my day.


I’m truly not one to complain, yet I am one to address that which needs a solution. Therefore, as of today, changes are being made… energy is being put forth where it will serve, delegation is being directed, and for heavens sakes, I’ve a plate or two that I’m going to let crash to the ground, or rather, that I need to lay down delicately. I decided to focus on attracting light into my life, I’m shutting down the shadows of everyday life that threaten to weigh me down. I’m allowing myself to work hard for the dreams I want to manifest in my life: and why not, I’ve got spirit, I’ve got bands of light to lift me. I’ve got all I need at my fingertips to serve this purpose.

Notes and such

…the probable outcome to this broken record: is to throw it out and play a new song. There’s going to be some wonder going on about these parts. I feel a spring in each action I take in the ‘light’ direction.

That’s my zeal, and this is my Talisman… to be Ethereal, charms found at my shop until they’ve all been claimed. 

See you in the wind. ~M.