Fall Sigh

Autumns kiss, clear and cold, her complexion pale like snow… She whispers to us, listen… she speaks beyond her own needs. Her magic makes sense, although it’s random and unpredictable. Her colors are red, yellow, smoky black, ochre & umber, the richest of gold. She plays favorites with the days picking one out of the many… To warm us, then chill us to the bone… singling certain hours in those of hundreds and thousands of the fall months as she plays pranks with the weather and enjoys them… She adores children’s laughter and bringing lovers to nuzzling closer together. She adorns us in woolen cloth mittens scarves and sweaters. She beckons us to sip hot tea, to enjoy bites of dark chocolate…. Gather together in warm kitchens over home cooked meals. She draws people together because of the stories they carry inside a library of books of things in common things known pondered and felt… She favors to tell what a person is truly made out of. Fall, is an enchanting time…… She lets us know we are still alive.